Corey Rubin


 8/7  530 Pub and Grill Clearwater 6-9pm

8/14 Charrans Tampa 6-10pm

8/15  Home Plate Cafe Dunedin 11-2pm

8/21 The Dunedin Smokehouse 7-10pm.

8/27 Beachnutz Causeway Cafe 6-9 pm.

8/28 Downtown Pizza Clearwater 8-11pm.

8/29 Holiday Isles Madeira Bach 5-8 pm.

9/3 Thirsty Marlin in Palm Harbor with Celebrity Romance 8-12!

9/11 Two Bucs with Celebrity Romance 9:30-?

9/19 Cotee River Brewing 3-6 pm

 9/25 Clapton Tampa

9/26 Holiday Isles Madeira Beach 1-4 pm.

10/1 Beachnutz Causway cafe 6-9pm.

10/8  Private party!

10/23 Beachnutz Causeway cafe 6-9 pm.

10/29 Stirling Wine in Dunedin 7-10pm

10/30 Two Bucs with Celebrity Romance 9:30-?

11/13 Thirsty Marlin with Celebrity Romance 8-12

Check back soon for updates.

Hope to see you out and about!

Please contact me as soon as you have a date for your event, so I can assure my availability.

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Corey Rubin at Sam Ash Music in Clearwater Florida.